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Is Hotel safe for Couples?

Is Hotel safe for Couples


Is it safe for Unmarried Couples to book a Hotel Room?

Is it safe for Unmarried Couples to book a Hotel Room?

Is Hotel safe for Couples? a lot of people get this question, thus we are here to tell the secret behind staying safely for unmarried couples.  A lot of people are in the market to find a hotel for a romantic getaway, but they might be a little wary of the safety of their rooms. It might not always be a safe idea to stay at a hotel with your significant other. There are a lot of people who think that hotels are not safe for couples. But despite this, the hotel industry is growing at an exponential rate. So if you are in the market for a hotel and you are in a relationship, this blog post will help you.

Is it safe for Unmarried Couples to book a Hotel Room?

Yes, it is safe for Couples who are having the Age of above 18 years and with their Mutual Consent and Proper Identification Proof, the Police have no right to arrest the Unmarried couple on any basis. While one should take care that one should tell the Identification Proof and the Relationship between the Couple should be told clearly to the Hotel Reception where one is paying the price of the room for specific Hours. So the following things should be carried out properly to be on the safer side while staying in a Hotel.

Is it safe for Unmarried Couples to book a Hotel Room?

Is it safe for Unmarried Couples to book a Hotel Room?

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or simply want to know whether you can stay in a hotel together, this blog post is a handy resource. It’s helpful to know what’s safe and what’s not safe when staying in a hotel room.

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In case the couple is staying in the hotel and if by chance the couple is caught by the Police then the police may ask one to call your parents or make a call to your parents then one should deal legally with the in order to prevent the previous trouble and thus one should do the following things properly.

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Firstly one should tell them that we are 18 plus in age and we both have the Identification Cards and thus tell them that both of them are Adults and thus there is no any need of informing or calling our parents. While one should tell them that we have done a kind of Lease Agreement and thus the couple should tell the police that they have not done any kind of Illegal act or illegal work as the couple has paid the Owner of the Hotel the one-day rent. And by the mutual consent of the unmarried couple, they have come for staying in the hotel.

Then one should properly disclose to the Police officer the documentation and also the details which are been disclosed during the time of the entry into the hotel. While the tone of speaking with the policemen should be in a proper way and thus one should not speak approximately with them and thus they will understand that this couple is speaking properly and telling genuinely.

While one should also mention that Now the supreme court has given the authority to the couple to be in a Living Relationship and thus there is no any kind of reason of arresting the unmarried couple who are going to stay in the Hotel.

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While if one doe not tells his or her name to the police due to some reasons then the police have the full right to arrest the couple under the section 42 CRPC and thus it is a must on the part of the unmarried couple to tell about one’s true Identity and thus should not try to hide one’s Identity. So the police can arrest you without the warrant of the Magistrate to arrest the couple for not telling the name and Address.

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And lastly one will be able to charge a Complaint against the Policemen for Pressuring the Couple without having a valid reason to arrest the Couple even after showing Valid Identification Proof, one can Charge a Complaint against Policemen for not Behaving Properly.

Is the OYO room Safe for Couples?

Yes, OYO rooms are safe for Couples but there are certain rules which are a must on your part to follow like:

  • The OYO Hotels are only allowed if the unmarried couple is having an age above 18 as the unmarried couple should be major which means they should have an Age above 18 years as per the Identification Proofs.
  • While when Booking the OYO room one should make ensure that the OYO Hotel is Couple Friendly or not. Otherwise, it may create Various Problems. One can search in the Hotels policy whether the option “Unmarried Couples” is Present or not. Then later make the decision to stay in the hotel.
  • While the couple should take the Original Identification Proofs with them like the Aadhar Card or the Driving Licence of both Individuals. And one should take the Original copies and not the Photocopies of the Identification Proofs.
  • While some of the OYO Hotels Do not allow the local people to stay in some OYO Hotels and thus should check it. So must check the site whether allow the Local people to stay in the Hotel to prevent any further Complications.
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So if one follows the above rules before entering the Oyo Room thus if one follows the rules then it is safe for the Couples to stay in the OYO rooms without having any pressure of being caught.

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We hope you enjoyed our article on hotel safety with a partner. This is a great article to share with your partner and thus will help to ensure your stay is safe and comfortable. Read through the article and choose the option and the ways that you feel best fit your situation.

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