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What Hotel Chains Do Not Charge For Pets

What Hotel Chains Do Not Charge For Pets

Every Pet Lover Has Common Question That What Hotel Chains Do Not Charge For Pets Pets are a big part of most people’s lives. We love our pets and we love to take them everywhere we go. So when you’re traveling in your home country, you want to make sure that you’re going to find a hotel that is pet friendly. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at one of the most important things you’ll want to find in a hotel: pet-friendly status. This blog will look at what it means to be a pet-friendly hotel.

What is a Pet-Friendly Hotel

What is a Pet-Friendly Hotel

If you love traveling with your Pet, in this blog, we will talk about how to avoid Pet Traveling Disasters. So the first step you need to follow to make this stay Wonderful then firstly you have to pay the deposit for your dog you get back a Housekeeping fee or just a Regular Nightly fee.

What Hotel Chains Do Not Charge For Pets

Then next is the Size and the Breed of the Dog or any of your pet Matters. As the hotels do have restrictions on the size of the Pet.  At a lot of the Places, they do not allow larger Dogs. But at some places, if you pay them more then they may allow and they may also have restrictions on the breed of the dog. As a lot of the Hotels may not allow most Muscular Dogs for Instance.

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Next is the third and the important step is that do inform the hotel before bringing the Pet to the hotel. Do tell them something about your dog like what kind of Dog it is for Instance. Thus the hotel will appreciate such a thing and things will get a lot smoother while Checking in.

What is a Pet-Friendly Hotel

What is a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Step number four is when you actually stay in the hotel and thus you need to Clean up after your pet, then should sweep the room. One should leave the housekeeper a Tip she will appreciate it because after anyone there is always going to be additional cleaning to ensure that anyone who is going to come to stay after having any allergies.

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While you can also ask the Hotel staff whether they have any extra sheets as many of the pets may like jumping on the Beds. So keep that extra sheet on the couches in order to prevent Damages and while you may have the chance to pay the Extra Charges too. If your dog does some kind of damage then do inform the Hotel Staff as they will appreciate it and will guide you.

While if you are traveling with the Service animals then you do not have to show them the Id as you have to just let them know that it is the service animal and not the Dog. While there are other types of the Dogs like therapy dogs and Emotional Support dogs. So get to know about the laws of the Hotel as it differs from country to Country.

The next tip is to bring the thing along with you while staying with the pets in the Hotel that smell like Home or that remind your Dog of Home, while one should travel with clothes that are used to them. Or even one’s clothes also give the feeling of Home. As it reminds them of something familiar one can also bring toys and that helps them feels at ease.

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Then take them around the Hotel when you arrive on the first day So that they get familiar with the hotel.  Then play with them in the room and make sure that you do not disturb the Neighbours. The next tip is to let them sleep on the bed as many people are against the Dog sleeping on the Bed.  By doing this they have less anxiety and they are Overwhelmed.

What is a Pet-Friendly Hotel

What is a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Another important thing one should consider is that they should Pee and Poo before getting in the Room. So there are fewer chances of them peeing in the Room itself. While depending on the Hotel room if you can leave them in the Motel Room, then put them in the bathroom as they feel more secure when they are placed in the smaller rooms. While there are fewer chances that there are voices in the bathroom. While you put them into the bathroom make sure that they have water and feel comfortable and add some blankets and towels also that they feel like Bed and feel more comfortable.

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While one should make sure that what kind of Day Cares and Babysitting  Centres there are because if the hotel does not allow pets then you can keep them during your stay. While even if you are on a business trip then make sure that you exercise them because they get copped and they feel anxious sometimes.

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And the most important tip is that make them feel loved by playing with them. Give them a lot of attention and make them feel comfortable as you can. So that’s all about the most important tips you need to follow while staying in the Pet  Friendly hotel. It is important to follow these steps to prevent several Damage to the Hotel due to the pets.


We hope you enjoyed our blog on pet friendly hotels. We’re a company that is committed to making traveling with your pets as easy as possible. This blog is the first in a series of blog posts about some of our favorite pet friendly hotels. There are so many different kinds of pets out there, so we will be doing more blog posts about other types of pets. This article was written to help you decide whether or not a hotel you are considering staying in is pet friendly.

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