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Where Is the Cecil Hotel – True Story of Cecil Hotel

Cecil Hotel

Cecil-The Deadliest Hotel. Cecil is a horror mystery hotel with a dark and twisted past. Visitors of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, CA have been getting into trouble since it first opened in 1929. The Cecil Hotel is said to have been haunted by ghosts, causing people to jump out of windows, suffer heart attacks, go crazy and commit suicide. This blog shares some of the most interesting and shocking stories and tells why people have been getting into so much trouble in the Cecil Hotel.

where is the cecil hotel

where is the cecil hotel

To know more about Cecil Hotel and the secrets associated with it, then keep reading the Blog Below.

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Where is the Cecil Hotel Located

The Cecil Hotel has a long and colorful history with many unique stories of its own. The Cecil Hotel is a hotel located in the Midtown area of the city of Los Angeles. It has been featured in several films and television series.

Where is the Cecil Hotel Located

Where is the Cecil Hotel Located

The Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles has been an iconic part of the city’s history. It is situated in Downtown Los Angles. One can Enjoy the themed rooms and experience the many adventures the hotel offers.

Early Days of Cecil Hotel

The Cecil Hotels Development was finished in the year 1924 by the Organization Named Cromwell which was contracted by a Hotel Business visionary William Banks Hanner. In this manner Around then he contributed about $1 Million and For his money, he got perhaps of the Biggest Hotel on the West Coast in 1924 contributing 700 Rooms.

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Subsequently, he requested a Self-important Search for the Entryway and Primary stairs to draw in a Well off Customer base of Worldwide Finance managers and social Elites. The Inside was Art Deco with the Entryway highlighting Marble and Stained Glass Windows. It was going great During the Initial Five.

Deaths in Cecil Hotel

  • The First Reported Death Occurred on June nineteenth, 1926 when a Resigned Mining Representative William McKay passed on from Natural Causes in his Room.
  •  While a thrilling occasion happened eight Months after the fact in February 1927 when John Croneau a Drawn out Occupant of the Cecil, got a Surprising form of Room Service comprising a pair of Cuffs. Corneau was caught by the LAPD in his Hotel room, the First arrest to happen in Cecil.
Deaths in Cecil Hotel

Deaths in Cecil Hotel

  • While in the year 1929 a 33-year-old, Dorothy Robinson was taken from an Inn to a Neighborhood Medical clinic in a Shocked Condition that Went on for Three Days. While Mr. Robinson had died only Three Months earlier following a Nervous Breakdown she had been prescribed barbiturates on which she had Overdosed.
  •  In August 1931, the 40-year-old was arrested at the Cecil for endeavoring to sell 10 Pounds of Opium

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Cecil is called a Suicide Hotel

  • Cecil is called a Suicide Hotel because of the following reasons:
    W.K Norton aged 46 had been missing for a few days from his Home in Manhattan Oceanside, while on November 15 he was Tracked down in his hotel room Dead from a Suspecte d Suicide by Poison.
  • Then again less than a year a 25-year-old Benjamin Dodich ended his existence with a Shot to the Head. While toward the end of the 1930s seven Visitors had Made an attempt in one for another while only one of them survived.
Cecil is called a Suicide Hotel

Cecil is called a Suicide Hotel

  • The most astounding case was that of Grace E. Magro who jumped from 10th Floor Window in the Late evening hitting some Utility Poles during her Plummet. The point when she hit the Asphalt, her body was Snared in Phone Wires. The case was puzzling because she was not alone when she fell off her Window. While her boyfriend was sleeping In the Same Room.
  • The pace of suicides dialed back during the 1940s, and 50s however the record of Visitors Leaping out of Cecil’s Window almost Truly Halted.
    While one Episode Occurred with Pauline Otton and her Better half who had been Endeavoring a Compromise. To resolve their Relationship they checked into the room on the Ninth Floor. Thus when he stepped out of the room to eat Dinner Alone, at the same time Pauline Climbed out onto the Ledge and Jumped.
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Cecil is also called Haunted Hotel

Cecil is called a Haunted Hotel due to the Following Reasons, as Many such Incidents Took Place which shocked Los Angles.
The lobbies of this Hotel are Wandered by the Apparitions of its numerous Suicide Victims. Cecil shows up as ‘America’s Most Spooky Lodgings’. Also, one series Named ‘American Horror Story ‘ was produced based on this Hotel. While there are many reports of Inn Visitors seeing Dim Figures in their Room or Awakening as sheets Pulled by a Concealed Power. On January 26th, 2014 an image was Caught by an 11-Year-Old Kid which shows a ghostly apparition, Floating Outside one of the Hotel’s Windows.

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Shocking Incident of Cecil Hotel.

This Incident made the Headlines Worldwide due to the Disappearance of Canadian Tourists- Elisa Lam. In January 2013, a 21-year-old Elisa Reached Los Angeles. Thus she checked in on the 26th at the Stay on Main which Is a Hostel that Occupied some of the Floors within the Cecil Hotel. While on February 1st she disappeared. Some of the CCTV footage captured during the Early Hours of that Day shows Elisa Behaving Erratically inside one of the Cecil Elevators.

Shocking Incident of Cecil Hotel.

Shocking Incident of Cecil Hotel.

In the Video, it Is seen that she is Hiding inside the Elevator pressing all the Buttons. While people staying at the Hotel Complained about the Odour, Color, and Taste of the Tap Water. Thus after inspecting it was found that Elisa’s Dead and Naked Body was Floating in the Water. It was found that Elisa suffered from Bipolar Disorder.

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We hope you enjoyed our blog on Cecil the Haunted Hotel. We wanted to provide an overview of the hotel itself but also wanted to let you know that your next stay at Cecil will be haunted.
Cecil opens up his hotel to guests. Guests can choose to visit the hotel to learn more about Cecil and the story behind the hotel.

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