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Why Are There Bibles In Hotel Rooms – The Real Reason Behind It

Hotel rooms are a place where many people may find themselves staying. But with all the amenities that a hotel has provided, many people wonder why there are bibles in hotel rooms. It is not that uncommon to find bibles in a hotel room. There are a lot of reasons why you may find them here and you must understand all the reasons.

Why are there bibles in hotel rooms

Why are there bibles in hotel rooms

We often forget that hotels are a business and it’s not just about providing a room and a bed so that you can sleep. Many hotel rooms provide amenities that can help you get the most out of your stay. Although a bible might not seem like an amenity, it’s a handy tool for anyone who uses it. So in this blog, we will discuss the History of Gideon’s Bible and its Importance as well as the Reason behind the Bibles in Hotel Rooms.

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Reason Behind Bibles In Hotel Rooms

In the year 1898, John H Nicholson stayed at the Crowded Central Hotel in Boscobel Wisconsin, thus the place was so crowded that he had to share a room with another Person Named Samuel E Hill, they got to talking as Might do if You were Sharing the Room with a Stranger and Discovered that they were Both Christians as “That Evening that Prayed Together and Talked about Creating an Association of Travelling Christian Businessmen. In the year 1899, they put the idea into practice by adding another to their Number. The Men headed to a Meeting at YMCA with the Purpose to create an Association of men who wish to achieve Mutual Recognition, Personal Evangelism, and United Service to the Lord.

Why are there bibles in hotel rooms

Why are there bibles in hotel rooms

Initially, the three men were the Only people in the Association because they were the Only people who attended the Meeting. While the men decided that their New Organization Needed a Name and that was a better way to Come up with One than to pray to God to lead them to the Best.

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As the Bibles which are present in the Hotel Rooms are of Gideon. Gideon is a Kind of Organization named “Gideon International”, as they have Distributed over 2.4 Billion Bibles to Hotels, Motels, Inns Beds, and breakfasts across the World.
The practice of Keeping Bibles in Hotel Rooms began over a hundred years ago and almost 90% of the U.S Population was Christian. The traveling Salesman was a Common form of Business Throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries. These men would catch a train on Sunday Night and Spend the Next Week Travelling Door to Door selling Chewing Gum, Refrigerators.
While most of the Salesman Slept in the Hotels every Night.

Why are there bibles in hotel rooms

Why are there bibles in hotel rooms

John Nicholson was one of these salesmen a Paper Distributor based in Chicago on Sept 14, 1898, he showed up at the Boscobel Wisconsin Hotel called the Central House but that Night the Hotel was Booked Fill so the Hotel Clerk Decided to Pair Him with a Roommate Friend Named Samuel E Hill, they both talked about the Night and their Shared Faith and made a Plan to found an Organization dedicated to Spreading their Christian Ideals, while a Year later they Two Met with a Mutual Friend Named William Nights and they three Decided to put out a call to other Christian Travelling Salesman and told him to meet at Janesville Wisconsin at Half Past One o’clock on July 1st, 1899.

But when the time came up no one Showed up. Later the Knights suggested the Name “Gideon’s a Reference Acadians Underdog Army in a Passage of the Old Testament and their New name and aggressive recruitment resulted in a steadily increasing  Following.

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At this time the Bibles are not Part of the Organization in the year 1907 on a Business trip to London Gideon Trusty didn’t Notice that the Similar Organization was Putting Bibles Directly in the Hotel Rooms, thus he bring back the Bibles they were Using. In the year 1900 Kentucky introduced the Plan to Furnish Every Hotel Room in America with the Bible, this soon became the Calling Card of Gideon and has been Practiced Every Year Since the last Fiscal Year.

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Gideon’s distributed 81 Million Bibles around In the 200 Nations. When any hotel Opens members of Gideon International present the Bible To Hotel Manager in a small Ceremony, then they supplied enough Books to fill every room and thus it is Funded Entirely by Donations, Gideon the Organization has enough Funds to supply these Bibles.

They also give Bibles to Military bases Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Prisons but not every Hotel Chain is open to receive these Bibles. Some of the Hotel Chains believe that “We Don’t Provide Bibles in Room because our Travelers are So Diverse and we want our Properties to feel Inclusive of all varying Beliefs and Spiritual Traditions”. But the newer Hotel Chains are Backing Down on a Tradition and Allowing more Inclusive stays for Guests that Number Could be Decreasing shortly who knows the Fate of Gideon’s Bible?


One of the many things that makes a hotel stay a memorable one is a bible in the room! They are thought to bring good luck, but they are also meant to bring peace of mind. They make it easy to read a bible while on the go and bring a little light to some dark moments. If you are still looking for your next hotel stay, we hope our post will help you find the perfect one! We hope you enjoyed our article about Bible verses that remind us of home. Some hotels are now providing a Bible for guests who might want to read about the Bible. If you’re staying in one of these types of hotels, you might be wondering why they’re doing this.  If you’re not staying in a hotel with a Bible, we hope this blog post helps provide some insight into the significance of Bible Verses.

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