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Can Hotels be Booked for a Few Hours? – Hourly Hotels Near Me

Can Hotels be Booked for a Few Hours


Can Hotels be Booked for a Few Hours? hourly hotels near me – There are many blogs out there that speak about how hotels are booked, but no one talks about how to book a hotel for a few hours. With so many great hotels out there, it can be hard to find the right one for your upcoming trip.

Can Hotels be Booked for a Few Hours

Can Hotels be Booked for a Few Hours

Booking a hotel room can be a tricky task, especially when time plays an integral role. You’ll find that many hotels are booked for a minimum of 24 hours. Some of these hotels have an extended stay of 3-6 weeks. However, there are a few hotels that have rooms available for just a few hours.

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Can Hotels be Booked for a Few Hours

Many times when we travel for Longer periods and we feel a need to rest only for just a few hours and then carry out the remaining Journey. Thus this is possible, one can book a Hotel room just for a few hours at one’s convenience.
Sometimes there are several conditions like if the train or a Flight is delayed or is after a few hours then one needs the Feel to wait somewhere in a Hotel, so many people might get questions that Can We Book the Hotel for few Hours?

Can Hotels be Booked for a Few Hours

Can Hotels be Booked for a Few Hours

It is often hard to get a room at a hotel. Especially, when you have an unpredictable travel schedule that you can’t control. You might feel worried about not having a place to stay. But there is good news. There are many hotels that can be rented for a few hours. This blog will tell you how to find the perfect hotel that can be booked in a few hours.

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So the solution to this problem is “MISTAY” which is the online hotel booking Website. They offer Hotel Bookings on Hourly Basis. While one can get the application on Google Play. There are several Packages that they offer like if one Reaches their destination early in the morning and then decides to stay in the Hotel for 4 to 5 hours then one can choose their Morning Packages.

If one chooses to start their Journey in the evening and reach their place at about 10 to 11 a.m then one can choose their Day Packages. While if one chooses to start their Journey the next day then one can choose their Night Packages.

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“MISTAY” is a Kind of service which offer about 800 and more Hotel Choices for us while they have been expanded in about 75+ cities.

So while signing up in the MISTAY one gets 50 Credit Points and by adding our destination one gets various options like Morning which means one can stay between 8 a.m to 11 a.m while Day means one can get to stay for about 12 P.M to 7 P.M while for Night stay one can get to stay form 8 P.M to 7 A.M. Then choosing the hotels for the Hourly Basis then one can get several hotels.

While they also provide various options like Couple Friendly, Pay at Hotel, and more. And one can choose based on the Rating of the Hotel which is a Two star, Three Star, Four, or Five Star Hotel. While one can also choose between the amenities and the Location one wishes to choose.

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While selecting any of the Hotels one can easily get to know how the hotel is by the Reviews from Trip Advisor and one can get all the information related to the Hotel from this website after filling in all the details later one gets the option either to pay Online or to Pay at the Hotel.

Can Hotels be Booked for a Few Hours

Can Hotels be Booked for a Few Hours

While this was one of the ways where one can find the Hotel on the Hourly Basis there are other options one can also check the Hotels on an Hourly Basis on the OYO Application. But for getting those offers one needs to stay Updated.

While if we open the OYO application then after scrolling down there is an option called “Your Kinda Stay” where one can see various options like Family, Couple Friendly, Premium Stay, Leisure Stays, and 6 Hours Stay. So here one can get the option of 6 Hours to stay.

So in this way, one can get two options either one can use the “MISTAY” for the Hourly Bookings in the Hotel. As it is one of the most popular and well-organized Websites to help choose from 800+ Hotels and also one can choose the hotel by their Preferences and also by comparing the amenities with the other Hotels. While the prices provided by “MISTAY” are very reasonable and less than the Hotels on the other apps or Websites.

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While another option that is left is from the OYO app. Ad if one prefers to choose from the OYO then they too provide the option of the 6 Hours Stay. Buy in OYO we don’t get the options like the DAY Package, Morning Packages, and the Evening Packages provided by the “MISTAY”. OYO provides only the 6 Hours stay option and thus it leaves no other option to select from. Thus they are not flexible as that “MISTAY”.

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So in this way, one can stay on an Hourly Basis by taking the help of various applications like “MISTAY” and the “OYO” if which “MISTAY” offers one number of options to stay in by giving various options to us.


We hope you enjoyed our blog on how to book a hotel for a few hours. Hotel rooms can be pricey so it can be difficult to find a great deal, but the tips provided in this blog post will help you save time and money. whether you want a hotel room or to stay with a friend. There are many different options when it comes to booking a hotel room, so we hope this post helped give you a few ideas

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