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What is a choice hotel?


Choice Hotels are the hotels that have been around for a long time, have a high standard, and have a loyal customer base. These hotels are typically more expensive than the average chain. Choosing a choice hotel is an investment. A choice hotel is a hotel that is considered to be a hotel that is worth the extra cost. Many times a choice hotel can be found for a few hundred dollars.

What is a choice hotel?

What is a choice hotel?

This is considered a higher-priced hotel, but it is still cheaper than the average hotel. Choices hotels offer a lot of extra amenities, such as a pool, fitness center, free Wi-Fi, free continental breakfast, free evening social hour, and more.

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History Behind Choice Hotels

In the year 1938, the Great Depression Ripped the Nation and a 17 Year Old Kid was headed to Washington from Cincinnati Ohio on foot having three Dollars in his pocket at the same time Seven Motor Court Owners were Worried in order to keep their businesses alive amidst the failed Economy.

Thus they found a solution if they had a Referral System and a Set of Quality and Service Standards for their Properties they could fix most of the problems that Plagued their Business so they Formed a Membership Organization called Quality courts United. Thus later it turned into the largest Hotel Chain ln the World and Changed the shape of the Industry.

What is a choice hotel?

What is a choice hotel?

When Stuart Crossed the Lincoln Memorial Bridge into DC he enrolled in the Washington Missionary College where he found work as a Plumber, Helper and did many odd Jobs. While he also fell in love in the year 1938 with a girl named Jane and thus she found his eyes at a Soda Fountain and thus got married in the year 1941. As his plumbing job was going well but things were getting tough due to Wartime and thus he left the job and started his own business out of his Tacoma Park home by first Installing Water heaters and then Heating Systems but that Business was very Competitive so later he decided to build to himself in order to become successful thus in the year 1957 he opened his first Hotel “The Park Silver” in Silver Spring.

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He turned his attention to the Quality Quartz Motel Group.
As it was the same quality Quartz that had formed while Stuart was making his long trek from Cincinnati to Washington DC. Stuart applied to have Park Silver to be included in the Quality Quartz Group but at first, his Application was Rejected, thus he immediately flew to Florida to meet the chairman of Quality Quartz and thus the Chairman accepted the Proposal thus in the year 1961 he was invited by the Board Of Directors as a Board Member and the Owner of Several Hotels.

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Thus they started giving the Franchise and started first by Guaranteeing Reservations for Travelers as their Industry was the first to Have Prepaid Telephone Reservations later he decided to replace the name of the Hotels which were given under Stuart name were replaced by “Quality Quartz” and decided to give the same Dynamic Leadership to Quality. Thus in the year, 1967 Stewart was chosen as the President of   Quality Quartz.

Thus in the year, 1970 Quality Expanded Internationally by expanding Quality Motels in Canada.
Later in the year, 1981 Quality created one of the Most Successful Enduring Hotel  Brands in the History of the Lodging Industry which was the “Comfort Inn” in the year 1981 in Atlanta. Thus Stewart served as the Chairman of the Board from the year 1997 to 1987 and by the end of his tenure.

The company you know today as Choice Hotels International has delivered more Incremental New Business to its Hotels than any other Franchise in the world and had Pioneered more Industry Firsts Than any other Hotel Company. In the year 2010, he was awarded the “American Hotel Lodging Association Hospitality Award”
He is the man who shaped the Face of the Industry as we know it today. Today Choice has around 6300 Hotels in over 35 Different Countries across 11 Brands.

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Several Choice Hotel Brands

  • Econo Lodge
    Econo Lodge

Econo Lodge

Econo Lodge is a Two to three-star Hotel Property it can Enlarge the Design for Travellers. Hotel Property can be found with Interior or Exterior Rooms. It can be designated as Econolodge. The rooms present in this Inn are King, Queens, and Dumps.

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  • Rodeway Inn
 Rodeway Inn

Rodeway Inn

This Brand of Choice Hotels has Properties that can be designated as Rolling in and Suites. While the beds here are King Beds, Queen Beds while off Laundry which Includes Washers and Dryer Hotel Properties still offer Daily Housekeeping and many more Facilities.

  • Main Stay Suites
     Main Stay Suites

Main Stay Suites

They offer Guest Laundry which includes Washers and Dryers and Most of the Hotels also offer Complimentary Breakfast.

  • Woodspring Suites
   Woodspring Suites

Woodspring Suites

It is a 2 to half-star Hotel property with Spring Street as an Extended Stay Hotel. Most Hotel properties are found with Interior Rooms that have different types of beds like Queens and Doubles and many more facilities.

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  • Suburban

It is a two and a Half star Hotel Property server they have Interior rooms and along with these, they offer Guest Laundry which Includes Washers and Dryers.
So, there was all about the History of the Choice Hotels and some of the Brands which are taken by the “Choice Hotels”.


Today, our blog post was about the definition of a choice hotel. We discussed what it is, why it is important, and what the different scenarios are for it. What is a choice hotel is a hotel that is in a central position, but with a difference. They strive to better service the casual traveler, who doesn’t have the money for a 5-star hotel, but still doesn’t want a 2-star budget hotel. They offer luxury amenities and service for a price that is comparable to a 2-star hotel.

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