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What Makes A Hotel 5 Star

What Makes A Hotel 5 Star

What Makes A Hotel 5 Star

Three Star, Four Star, and Five Star are the terms that are used to describe the Type of Hotel. But many of us don’t know on what basis these stars are Given to the Hotels. In some cases, the ratings of these hotels are Fixed by the respective authorities of the region and bypass the Differences in the Rating System by Country or Region. So Firstly 3 Star is an Upscale Comfort while the 4 Star is a Luxury while the 5 star is the highest Level Luxury Hotel.

This Blog Post is going to determine what it takes to make a hotel a 5 Star hotel. One of the main Indicators For most Hotels is the Type of Hotel rooms. If a hotel does not have enough Luxurious rooms then it is highly unlikely that it will deserve to be considered as 5 Star Hotel. What Makes a hotel 5 Star? They have been around for centuries but what makes a Hotel 5 Star? That is the question. 

What makes a hotel 5 star

What makes a hotel 5 star

There are a few different ways to answer that question but we will focus on the key question. What Makes a Hotel a Five-Star? You Might be surprised to know that it is not just a Fancy Hotel that can be a Five Star Hotel. It is less about the Room and even the location, as it depends upon the experience of the Customer thus in this blog we will look at some of the components which make the Hotel a Five-star Hotel and also some differences between a Three, Four, and Five Star Hotel. 

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As many of the Facilities are Common in 3-star, 4-star, and 5 Star Hotels as they three have common things like Swimming pools, gyms, Bars, Banquet Halls, Conference Rooms, Restaurant Facilities, etc. So seeing these facilities many People confuse while giving the Rating. In many cases, 3 Stars are also likely to be considered as the 5 Stars.  So we will talk about the Some of the Things which make 5-star Hotels Different from other rated Hotels. 

Guest Room Facilities 

In the case of a 3-star Hotel, the Minimum size of the Bedroom excluding the Bathroom is about 130sq Ft. While in the case of a 3-star Hotel the Size of the Bathroom is about 140 square feet excluding the Bathroom. While in the 5-star Hotel the minimum size is about 200 square Feet. While 50% of the Rooms in 3-star Hotels must have Air Conditioning Facilities while in the case of 4 and 5-star there is 100% of Air Conditioning Facilities. 

    Guest Room Facilities 

Guest Room Facilities

While the 3-star Hotels don’t have any Room safe the 4-star Hotel has to provide the Room safe while the 5-star Hotel has to provide the Electric Safe. And the 3-star Hotels need to provide a Hairdryer Facility on Request. While 4 and 5-star Hotels has to provide Hairdryer Facility on a Complementary Basis

Bathroom Facilities 

The Minimum size of a Bathroom in a 3-star and a 4-star Hotel should be 36 Square Feet.  While the Minimum size of a Bathroom in a 5-star Hotel Is about 45 Square Feet. Bottled Toiletry products are Not Mandatory in 3-star Hotels. While on the other Hand Bottled Toiletry Products are Provided in 5-star and 4-star Hotels. 

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Health and Fitness Facility 

When we Come to the Health and Fitness Facility then Swimming Pool and Gymnasium are not Mandatory in a 3 star Hotel. While in a 4 star and a Five star Hotel Swimming Pool and Gymnasium are Mandatory. While in three Star and Four Star Hotels the Spa and Massage may be available but not Mandatory while In a Five Star Hotel at least four types of SPA and Massage treatments should be available. In a three and Four  Star Hotel Beauty salons and barbershops are not Mandatory. While in a Five Star Hotel Beauty Shop and Salon Is Mandatory.

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While in a Three Star Hotel the Percentage of Supervisory staff is about 30% while the Percentage of Supervisory should be 40% and the Percentage of Supervisory staff should be 80%. While the percentage of the Skilled Staff is about 30% while the Percentage of skilled Staff is about 60%. While in a Three Star Hotel the Staff Room ratio is about 8 Staff Per 10 Room or 0.8 Staff Per Room. While in a four Star Hotel 15 Staff Per 10 Rooms or 1.5 staff Per Room. In a Five Star Hotel Staff to Room Ratio is 25 Staff Per Room or 2.5 Staff Per Room. 

Food Facility 

  Food Facility 

Food Facility

In three Star hotels, One Restaurant Serves all the Meals. While in a Four Star Hotel one 24 Hours Multi-Cuisine Restaurant With a Coffee Shop. While in a Five Star Hotel there is 24 Hour Multi-Cuisine Restaurant with a Coffee Shop. While in a Three Star Hotel a Speciality Is Not Mandatory but in a Four and a Five Star Hotel One Speciality Restaurant is there and is open for about 24 Hours. While a Bar Is not Mandatory but in a Four and a Five Star Hotel a Bar Is Mandatory. While in a three-star hotel there is no 24-by-7 room service but in a four and a Five star hotel, there is 24 by 7 room service and Dinning.  

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Guest Facility 

Dry Cleaning and Laundry service is outsourced and is not mandatory while in the case of a four star and a five star hotel there is an In house laundry Facility. While in a four and Five-star Hotel there is a Tea and Coffee making facility available itself in the Room but in a three-star hotel, there is no any kind of Tea or Coffee making machine in the room. 

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We Hope you enjoyed our blog post about what makes a Hotel a 5 Star Hotel. We are excited to have provided this information. We know that it is a very subjective topic but we are here to share some interesting things about what makes a hotel five star Hotel and also about the Differences which make it stand out from the crowd.

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